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My Favorite Paper & Book Items

Books and papers can absolutely overwhelm even the cleanest of homes! I use a few tried and true products in clients' homes to help them keep their papery items as organized as possible!

I’ll take you through the best paper and book organization products this week, and include all my Amazon links below! (I’m an Amazon Affiliate, and can make a small income on qualifying purchases.)


Basic Bookends: simple, does the job right.

Wooden Bookends: timeless and sleek.

Kids' Book Rack: white, easy, and doable for kids!

Industrial Bookshelf: wood with metal frame.


Wooden Wall-Hanging Sorter: two slots, hooks for keys!

Desktop Mail Organizer: three slots, simple design.

Gold Magazine Holder: make your magazines a piece of art!


Heavy Duty Banker's Box: plastic and compatible with hanging file folders!

Fire/Water-proof Document Box: locks and is compatible with hanging file folders!

Linen Document Box: cute and functional!


Document/Photo Storage: set of three, plastic and durable.

Scrapbooking Box: fits up to 12"X12" documents.

If you’re needing help getting organized for the summer, reach out! Free Consultations are available so we can discuss a plan that fits you best.

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