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How to Declutter Your Closet When You Have Body Image Issues

Have you ever tried to clean out your closet, only to keep a ton of clothes that no longer fit?

Welcome, girl. I've got you.

I'll be giving you tips over the next few posts to help you mentally tackle one of the hardest areas of a woman's life. This process is a pared-down version of what I do with a client when I'm with her, sitting on her bedroom floor, looking at the mountain of clothes we're about to sort.

It's emotional.

It's raw.

It's honest.

It's hard.

It's work.

It's therapy.

It's healing.

It's powerful.

It's empowering.

> If you've been thinking it's time to go through your clothes, but have been hesitant, this is for you.

>> If you struggle with body image issues and clothing, this is for you.

>>> If you're holding onto clothes of various sizes, this is for you.

I hope to help you on your journey through decluttering your closet. When it's done right, it feels liberating and free.

Which is what you should be, mama.

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