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Is Your Closet Reflective of Who You Are Now?

I’ve yet to meet a woman that hasn’t kept at least one article of clothing that doesn’t fit.

Between diet culture, pop culture, social media, and pretty much any place that is image-driven, we’re given the subliminal message that we’re not good enough.

I’m not a therapist, doctor, psychologist, or even an author, but let me tell you something… and I want you to really read it, and even say it out loud: you are enough, exactly as you are.

The body you’re in, at this very moment, is enough. It may not be exactly what you want it to be, it might be on a journey, it’s always changing. It’s working hard for you, every single day— supporting yourself, your family, your children, your work… the list goes on. So isn’t it only fair to your body then, that you have a closet reflective of your appreciation?

Here’s an exercise to get your mind into a better place:

I want you to pretend that you’re 8. Remember your 8-year-old self, as best as you can. Now, pretend that Adult You is helping Kid You get dressed. As she’s looking through her closet, present her with an option that she’s outgrown. What would she say? Would she laugh and say, “I’m too tall for that now,” or would she maybe try it on again? And when it doesn’t fit, would she be sad? Or would she understand that she’s simply growing?

The thing is, you’re still growing. Adult You isn’t done growing.

Sure, sometimes we grow in size. We grow new humans. Our hormones change. Sometimes we gain muscles mass, and other times, we shrink with age. Our bodies are forever changing, and with whatever journey you and your body are on together, honor her. Honor the 8-year-old version of you, the current body you’re in, and whatever she’s becoming.

Take all the clothes out of your closet. Hold each piece, one by one. Do you love it? Does it bring you joy? Does it fit properly? Because if an article of clothing brings you guilt, unhappiness, and shame, then it’s not serving you and it needs to leave.

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