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Organize Your Garage

Garages can be the bane of our existence, and yet such a necessary space to help the household function properly!

Some use garages for their cars (lucky people!), others for utilitarian items like mowers, snow blowers, bikes and tools, and others use it for hobbies (a golf simulator lives in my garage).

Depending on how you use yours, mapping out your garage can be a game changer when figuring out how to utilize the space as efficiently as possible!

Here’s where you can begin:

  1. What are the non-negotionable items that must remain in the garage? Is it your car, or a snow blower? Tires? Think of everything that must stay.

  2. Categorize those items in groups, like: gardening, lawn care, tools, etc.

  3. List the remaining items that you’d like to have in your garage, but aren’t sure you have room for

  4. Start mapping out designated areas, thinking of items that must remain in a certain space (like a car or snow blower), and where you can utilize vertical space with shelving.

  5. Think of ways to get as much as you can on to shelves, walls, and ceiling hanging storage

  6. Hire an organizer to help you figure out possible configurations and storage solutions!

If you're interested in some products I love for these tasks, click the links below! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Wall-mounted large tool organizer

Overhead garage storage rack

Assorted garage hooks

If you’re ready to dig into garage organization, or need some help organizing inside, reach out! Free Consultations are available so we can discuss a plan that fits you best.

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