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Organize Your Outdoor Spaces

As a professional organizer, I’ve helped so many people organize the interiors of their homes and curate spaces that work hard and efficiently for families. But often, outdoor spaces get ignored. Cluttered garages, packed storage sheds, and outdoor toys scattered everywhere can leave us feeling anxious and bombarded when we’re supposed to be enjoying the outside and warm summer months.

Just as we focus on storage solutions inside, the focus must remain the same outside of the home. A functional and efficient organizing system in a garage or backyard can transform even the most crowded of spaces.

Here’s a few tips for common outdoor areas that will help you curate your chaos in no time:

—> Use a large outdoor storage bin for kids’ toys that live in the backyard. Keep the inside organized by using small garbage bins and sort like with like (we have a bubble bin!)

—> Keep outdoor entertaining dishes and glasses in separate tote that lives outside! This frees up space inside your kitchen, and they’re already outside and ready for you!

—> Use the same type of storage tote in your garage. Consistency in color and size helps the brain feel more organized and the space more cohesive.

—> Use a gardening caddy for all your smaller gardening tools. They’re all in one spot, they won’t get lost, and it’s easy to carry around!

If you're interested in some products I love for these tasks, click the links below! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Gardening Tote:

Garage Storage Bins, various sizes:

Outdoor Storage Bin:

If you’re ready to spruce up your outdoor spaces, or need some help organizing inside, reach out! Free Consultations are available so we can discuss a plan that fits you best.

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