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Running out of time? Organizing can help.

You've heard it before: being organized can save you time.

But where are the best spots to stay organized that actually make a difference?

There's two main areas that can save everyone time. And I mean everyone.

The first big time-eating area of our homes tends to be the entrance/foyer.

Whatever that space looks like in your home, big or small, getting it in tip-top shape makes a huge difference when trying to get out the door. Here's a few ideas to think about when creating an organized space by your front door:

--> Do your shoes have a designated home? Be it a boot tray, shoe rack, basket, or an over-the-door holder, each pair needs its own place!

--> Do small items, like keys and sunglasses, have a landing zone? Hooks, small floating shelves, or baskets can be great for these!

--> Do jackets have a place to be hung? Whether it's hooks, a coat rack, or a closet, making sure coats get hung up (rather than piled or forgotten somewhere), is key to finding it quickly before you leave.

The second area where we loose time is laundry.

The best way to stay on top of laundry is to have a schedule, and to stick to it! And if there's a week where it's going to change-- like with travel-- work ahead rather than fall behind. By creating a schedule, you not only get the laundry washed on time, but you schedule putting it away, too! Try a few of these ideas and see if they help save you some time:

--> Assign each person a laundry day (I wash my littlest's clothes on Friday, my eldest's on Saturday, and mine and my husband's on Sunday). This way, I'm not stuck doing 7 loads on one day!

--> Because I hang dry quite a few items, the day I put laundry away is always the day after I wash it.

--> Stay dedicated to these days! Sticking to the schedule means there's always clean clothes, saving time in the morning when trying to find an outfit.

--> Put the laundry away (I know, it's no fun). Nothing makes a morning take longer than trying to find the sweater you washed and it's lost in a heap.

If you're interested in some products I love for these areas, click the links below! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Small baskets for organizing Over-the-door hook rack

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