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School’s Out for the Summer! Are You Organized?

Remember when you were a kid and you just couldn’t wait for summertime to start? The break from school, homework, and just endless sunny hours of outdoor playtime, cartoons, and dirty feet?

Then, bless our hearts, we went and had our own kids! And now summertimes hum a different tune (this isn’t the 80s and the 90s anymore!). Childcare is a top issue for many households, and figuring out how to navigate all the kids’ time at home is bombarding for even the most experienced stay-at-home parent.

Here’s where organization can really make a difference. Because when our homes are organized, our thoughts tend to be too— especially when centered around children.

Two huge areas we can organize to alleviate some stress are snacks and toys. (These are both the currencies of choice for children, so may as well do it tidied and ready to go!)


—> Prepare for the snack time dilemma by having an arsenal of snacks ready to go

—> Keep snacks at their level to help foster independence

—> Make a list of time-appropriate snacks so they don’t have to ask you what they can eat

—> Keep snacks visible, at the front of pantry/cupboard/fridge


—> Bins. Everywhere, and always labeled.

—> Organize outdoor toys too! Makes cleanup time infinitely quicker.

—> Store toys where they’re played with; otherwise, they won’t get put away.

—> Make a nightly schedule for cleanup! Kids crave structure, even over the summer!

Click below for some of my favorite products for these two areas! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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If you’re needing help getting organized for the summer, reach out! Free Consultations are available so we can discuss a plan that fits you best.

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