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Should I Label and Inventory my Moving Boxes?

Yes! Absolutely, without a doubt, 100%.

As you’re packing up your home, labeling boxes is a given— writing ‘kitchen’ or ‘kids towels’ on the side is what most people do. But once you’ve entered your new home, all of a sudden, things take a sharp turn to chaos town: all the boxes are brown, you can’t find the side you labeled, and the movers just dumped them all into the garage. Good luck finding those towels now!

Now imagine this:

—>Every box is labeled and color-coded! The kitchen boxes are labeled are all orange, the girl’s bedroom labels are purple, the primary bathroom is labeled green, etc. As all the boxes are unloaded, someone is there to keep all the colors together. Then- all those boxes magically end up in the right spaces.

—>It’s the first night in your new home, and you’ve ordered pizza. Your parter wishes they had chili flakes to put on top, and remembers the list! The kitchen spices are in the box number 3, with a bright orange label. Success!

—>In the morning, you know it’s unpacking day. Dang it, you’d like a mug for your box of coffee you ordered from Starbucks… easy! Box number 9, bright orange label.

—>As you’re unpacking, you could’ve sworn that you had 12 dinner plates, but only 10 come out of the box. Where are the other two? Oh yes! The list says they’re in box number 4. (You forgot two plates in the dishwasher and they got packed separately!)

Inventory makes quick work out of finding missing items during a move. It happens to the best of us! Moving is chaotic, hectic, and often frustrating.

Here’s some tips to help you as you inventory your move:

—>Assign one color to each room in your new home

—>After each box is packed, quickly jot down its contents in a notebook

—>At the end of each day, quickly pop the info into a spreadsheet (handwritten or digital!) organized by room.

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