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Why You Should Declutter Before You Pack

Are you getting ready to move? Or even thinking about moving? Because if you are, this is quite possibly the best time to declutter.

Before you even lift a finger packing, I'd like you to stop and envision your new home. The empty spaces, the possibilities and potential the home has. Now, ask yourself: "Does everything in my current space deserve a spot in my new space?"

If the answer is no, it is time to declutter, dear reader.

Normally, we pack room by room. As we think about the task ahead, let's start small, with a linen closet. Take out all the linens, and sort them by towel set, sheet set, etc. Think about your new home, and what linens you envision there. If you're holding onto an item and can't envision where it belongs in your new space, it's time to let it go.

This same process works for larger areas too, but can be broken down by category. In the kitchen, for example, maybe you're content with keeping all your cutlery; but, you've decided you'd like to keep only white cups and dishes.

The idea of decluttering before you pack saves you a pile of time and money!

--> Less spent on packing materials

--> Fewer boxes and less weight if hiring a moving company

--> Hours saved by packing fewer boxes

--> Time gained by knowing where everything belongs in new home

Here's some of my favorite Amazon finds for decluttering and packing:

Clear Garbage Bags for donations

Moving Tape Refills

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

If decluttering before you pack sounds daunting, we offer packages to help you and your family let go of the unnecessary items before you embark on your new home adventure!

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